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The idea of 'bohemian' is of one feeling carefree, having a nonchalant approach to the everyday and perhaps living without consequence. This notion creates interiors full of character, complexity and colour, when expressed at it's fullest, however, when added with subtlety, a bohemian interior can also feel cosy, calm and comforting

Texture and colour are the most pronounced elements of a bohemian interior. To obtain a more calm aesthetic this city apartment uses a soft faded palette of ethnic patterns. The pale blue grey walls offer a zen backdrop to the more bold but complimentary, brick red colour of the sofa.

Textures play together within the seating, with the sheepskin softening the edge of the harsher tones. A large, plain upholstered ottoman, maintains a quiet visual and allows the decorative trays to display their pretty details

Creature comforts are still at hand but blended into the bohemian spirit. Sleek modern furnishing keeps the design relevant and allows for the textures, to create the scheme. The mid-century modern chair was revived with a plush polka dot fabric that retains a sense of playfulness whilst still keeping the calm

A cohesive tonal landscape allows for many textures to work in harmony with each other

As an open plan layout, the same mood needed to flow into the kitchen and dining area. Similar principles were applied in regards to palette, textures are tactile and earthy

The Master Bedroom elevates the serenity of the apartment. The bed swathed in soft stone washed white linen, is crowned with a painted white Indian screen that exudes a subtle drama

Simple steps make do for a practical bedside, holding space for nurturing necessities

Contemporary Art, haphazardly placed, draws the eye into the room with mystique. Just enough of an eclectic element to retain the bohemian spirit

Finally, within the bijou bathroom, the eclectic nature pervades with vintage and modern glassware cradled together on a vintage silver plate. 20th century French pottery sits with a tiny Moroccan tagine, repurposed for beauty essentials, alongside a textural cowhide make-up bag


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