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Making homes multitask has become a priority over the past many months, as we adjust to the new normal, most evidently in the transition of working from home.

It has always been my passion and aim to create homes that nurture our wellness, now even more necessary as the purposes are blurred, and creating coexisting spaces that function both for rest and relaxation, as well as focus and productivity, does take some considered thought.

As the nature of my business has seen me working from home for many years now, I am well practiced in creating this balance. Therefore, it was such a pleasure to be invited by the renowned GEMS company of schools, to provide a guide to creating a successful home office, specifically with wellness at the forefront of the motivation.

This was distributed to head office staff during a week long succession of events, highlighting the importance of our wellness, during these challenging times.

Scroll through below for the full presentation, from which I hope everyone can benefit


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