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On moving to Bahrain my deal breaker was a terrace! Even though the climate instigates outdoor living for a good portion of the year, the A/C dependence is dominating the style of living. Of course, it will be absolutely necessary for the months to come, when we truly feel the summer sizzle and I'll be sat musing from the sofa in our own cooled cocoon. However, whilst it's still below Caribbean temperatures, this island girl will be indulging in the open air!

A day bed was a must! and already so much a part of the culture that there was no doubt this had to happen in our Arabian inspired apartment. So off we went to the local majlis {Arabic term meaning 'place of sitting'} mattress makers, ordered from an always over-willing Indian and 10 days later had 6 single modular mattresses, to create multiple options {so useful for guest beds too!}

Ideally, I will eventually have wooden platforms made for the mattresses, for a more purposeful finish, and a cushion story to suit my E N V I E aesthetic: edgy, sexy, sartorial, chic, effortless. Think linen, leopard print, Indian cottons and ethnic pattern. For now I've just piled up the mattresses and thrown on existing cushions and a faux fur throw. Curious? see snapshot in my IG feed!

Till we can finish said daybed I've created a 'day {dream} bed' board on pinterest, for inspiration of both indoor and outdoor lounging options. As we'll be retreating inside soon enough, ours will likely become my office sofa during the hottest months.

And just a thought, with Easter approaching it's the perfect time for those in more temperate climes to start planning your own outdoor retreat for the coming summer! Here is my curated selection of favs below, but do pop over to pinterest to gather lots more ideas!

* all images via pinterest


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