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being from a small idyll of an island i naturally have an affinity with other paradise parading peninsulas and our recent voyage to Kos certainly ingrained a desire within my husband and i to continue to discover the many ethereal escapes within this archipelago

there is much familiarity in the languid interaction of the locals who are adoring of their country's beauty and bounty, but we also felt the underlying shame of a broken people, some openly apologising for the state of their political problems, with no answers but still a hint of a quiet resilience to continue to welcome and will on a change for their precious visitors, who provide the vast majority with some form of work through tourism

i'm torn with idealistic opinions versus realistic opportunity on how such a treasure of natural beauty can find a way to work past the weeds and bloom afresh with enticing endeavors, to not only lure the traveler back to their fertile culture but also revive within the local community the confidence that offering what is unique to their land and their history is what could make them prosperous again

like all tourists i love nothing more than scouring the shops and markets, to find something which encapsulates where i have visited so when i return home i have a lifelong reminder of my visit. why, oh why, is this increasingly impossible to find as local markets are jam packed with cheap, throw away items that neither embody or aid the local community? i'm certainly not against the occasional 'essentials' shop but how can 50 down one street a) make any profit? b) provide a unique experience for the visitor? and which is more important? i can only answer with my own action which is i now wander the towns with no desire to contribute my savings even though i am a prime spender. i wonder how many me's they are losing and is this greater in value than pacifying the mediocre materialistic?

as a global commerce we have access to anything we want from almost anywhere and this is proving that unique experiences and items are what people are increasingly in search of, so perhaps this is what governments worldwide should be nurturing in all countries as this is what once made travelling so exciting - the discovery of something new. big cities are largely seen as wells of opportunity but i believe a creative mind, especially challenged in a smaller community, would incite a new breed of opportunity, discovery, authenticity and all the better if they can draw on their immediate surroundings to enable the community, share the wealth and rebuild their integrity.

food and drink tends to disappoint less and traditional options are always readily available, but for me as a collector of artifacts for the home a bottle of local olive oil or ouzo won't last me a lifetime to gaze on, however a great local cook book might entice or locally printed linens for my next summer lunch. just a thought that perhaps increasing the choices of this type of locally made product might be a more sought after souvenir...?

as the traveler maybe we could also champion the change and be selective in our spending but remain curious of the culture, seek out the authentic, and perhaps very slowly we'll be creating a path towards truly sustainable, special, valuable experiences and items and spur on a new adventurous spirit!

hence my pictures to accompany this post are simply moments captured in admiration of the natural beauty we experienced whilst wandering the island, breathing in those heady mediterranean scents and basking in delicious sunshine... {where is the locally poured scented candle i could burn in memory of those mountain strolls...?!}


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