as there are several ways to get involved with the ENVIE EVOLUTION i thought i would break these down into separate musings to better identify the different services i offer

whether we rent or own a property we deserve to make it the best for ourselves, reap the reward of our hard earned investment by creating something tangible that can actually make us feel better everyday rather than just a roof over our heads

first up is the VIRTUAL ENVIE* package, increasingly popular for a quick, cost effective makeover of your space mostly done remotely via virtual communication – email, skype, facebook, and phone, whichever suits you!

i must note that the VIRTUAL ENVIE option is best for, as mentioned above, a makeover rather than a full refurbishment which might consist of structural changes for which i would prefer to make site visits to assess the space and take accurate measurements. projects on this scale are more suited to the CLASSIC or LUXE packages which i will cover in the forthcoming musings


on contacting me with your request for a VIRTUAL ENVIE package i reply with a form for you to fill out requesting all the relevant information needed to create your personal scheme, for as many rooms as you require. this will consist of not only technical questions such as room dimensions, storage needs and budget but also what is the mood you want to evoke from the makeover {serene, industrious, energised, playful, spiritual} this info is essential in selecting suitable elements for the proposed scheme



once all relevant information has been gathered i set to work on creating one scheme per room. this could include suggestions from all or some of the following:



curtains & blinds



soft furnishings

decorative accessories


my sources and suggestions are always from trusted and reputable suppliers and brands. i do have my icons and where budget permits an ENVIE scheme will always endeavour to include timeless classics from both antique and new suppliers as well as luxury brands. however, i do not prescribe to the school of the more it costs the better it is. my schemes benefit from a considered approach in ensuring the whole vision works within the desired budget and i will suggest the best fit to suit this without compromising on quality



on completion the schemes are packaged and posted to you with physical samples of fabrics and finishes where relevant. floor plans are also provided so you know precisely where everything is destined for. this is accompanied by individual product cards and a ‘shopping list’ which details where the items have been sourced from and their prices as published on the date of dispatch. you are then at liberty to implement the full scheme or cherry pick the pieces you wish to start with



as indicated this package is a cost effective way of hiring an interior designer as you receive the benefit of a professionally curated selection, assembled with key factors accounted for such as budget, quality and relevance. for busy individuals this saves a considerable amount of time researching in perhaps unknown territory, often leading to impulse buys which can be costly and still not create the desired finish. pricing is further detailed on the website


i endeavour to fulfil your requests presented to me within the ENVIE aesthetic. however, as a subjective product there is the small possibility that you won’t be 100% satisfied with the first scheme and therefore i do offer for an additional lesser fee continued sourcing to ensure we achieve your perfect!

if this sounds like it may be the service you are looking for and you would like to discuss a potential project, receive more information or get started i very much look forward to hearing from you, just click to send me a message

see me chat more about why you shouldn't hesitate to consider VIRTUAL ENVIE on the youtube channel

*available in the UK only