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a maj change in this 'back to work' period is the fact that i am now working from home. no longer an uncommon practice and therefore no need for me to wax lyrical about the pro vs. con aspect, nor share pearls of wisdom on how to be extra efficient with this freedom, you are all aware of this and some of you are sure to have started your very own empires from your own {cliche} kitchen table. so over the past few days i have been organising myself onto the {cliche} kitchen table, set up in front of the {design no no} fireplace, therefore losing a feature {aka styling backdrop} whilst i create a home office to spur on this ENVIE evolution. in doing so and as my dream chaser brain only allows for interior musings i got thinking about other home offices, this 'ovvio' led to perusing pinterest for other dreamy examples {minus design no no's} in order to share this utter bliss with all you office bound dreamers and suggest that you also go home tonight and have a second look at that {cliche} kitchen table... if it doesn't produce a winning entrepenurial idea {other than interior design, i have enough adversaries} then maybe you should think about getting a new one {and hire me to source it for you!}

my {cliche} kitchen table now an empire in the making

{all images are via my pinterest}

a couple of my current kitchen table crushes available


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