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it is desperately difficult to not spend my entire time wanting everything new (and old for that matter) that we are enticingly subjugated to everywhere we look, especially as the vast majority of my everyday is looking for lovely things. but i often have a strange reaction to 'too much', i start to actually feel physically sick, a sense of repulsion i guess to my own overindulgence. it's as if i am subconciously trying to regain the balance of some morality with a view to materialism. i have experienced throughout my life times of having anything i wished, to having to severely cut back, which on reflection has helped enormously in finding the balance of what i eventually deduced is truly important to me. today i have created guidelines for myself that enable me to still lust for loveliness but within a boundary i feel comfortable does not manifest into excessivness and i apply this to my interiors also. i am no minimalist but there are certain elements of an interior that i no longer agonise over as i am satisfied that one product/material/colour will always work for any occasion in my design. the first of these i would like to share is white linen. linen itself has so many wondrous properties, it is a natural thermal regulator {warm in winter, cool in summer}, it loves being washed which increases its softness, it doesn't yellow like cotton, you can adore it all crinkly or iron it flat to suit and is increasingly affordable. with all these advantages i don't feel the need to worry myself with any other bedding. it all washes together and i never have to look for matching pieces, making light of my housework. for extra visual interest add linen with some form of textural detail either in the finish or applied, such as lace or embroidery. finally it is an age old natural fabric that sits in any modern or classic interior and always exudes luxury. satisfied!

Try it for yourself...


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