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winter has clocked in! and it’s time to get excited not ‘sad’ for the long nights ahead, instead embrace the time to play with light! candles, fireworks, bonfires, log fires, fairy lights, stars - all arousing the senses: be mesmerised by dancing flames, explosions of colour, ethereal twinkles; give in to the sound of crackling flames and thunderclaps as they trigger trances, feel warmth wrap its’ protection around the body; inhale sweet and smoky as it perfumes the air; sure to leave us gagging to indulge in feeding our fancy… whatever that might be! find some way of playing with fire… light candles in the dark mornings, turn the heating down and go to bed in only fur, swallow something hot, sweet, and sticky roasted over an open flame! all that's needed is the right company ready to play this winter…


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