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well… it’s been quite a few weeks since my last post because it’s been quite a few weeks of not having the head space to focus or fantasise! the winds of change have picked up again and with the end of summer comes new beginnings and challenges, all to be revealed in the coming months. nothing too exciting mind but it does alter the course i thought i was on. i can say that it does require some travel and in november i will be winging my way to LA and then NYC. am stoked! and equally a tad scared. but am excellent at being thrown in at the deep end, so the flippers are on and am ready to swim!

today however, i have a cold and it’s cold and we have no heating so am bundled up in bed waiting for the plumber. brill! a little time to whip up the next in my series of wishful✩thinking, as today i would relish in a ‘nook’ for curling up into, with a roaring fire, stacks of magz, bottles of red at the ready and an awesome sound system sweating a beautiful beat! my version of a man cave…

lust alert – ‘ode to decadence’ Kris Kuksi

‘the most innovative designers consciously reject the standard option box and cultivate an appetite for thinking wrong.’


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