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i feel great (for the most part) and that is ‘mostly' due to the summer sunshine. there is no doubt i am happiest when drinking in the vit d. i kinda go into panic mode as well when it appears in london as you never know when it might end, so i do all i can to be stretched out like a fat cat in her patch of gold. with the onset of sun and all those endorphins sweating out, naturally comes the want to be healthy – out with the junk food, in with the fresh – i love nothing more than fruit in abundance and salads dripping in an olive oil, balsamic and lemon juice dressing. am definitely not less hungry, as many people seem to proclaim when it is hot – having grown up in barbados, i never suffered a lesser appetite due to the heat – a healthy appetite is an under statement where i am concerned, whatever the weather! with this said i have no super fast metabolism bla bla and therefore i must keep physical – in any sensible and pleasurable way! lucky for me i love a treadmill and am happy when training. i was a dancer for many years when i was younger and therefore can maintain a strict routine and self motivation is no sweat. on my luxury lust list for my dream home i would have to include a home gym. so in this instalment of wishful ✩ thinking is my vision for performance enhancing design. key aspects for my gym are – light, bright, clean, clear, open space with an awe inspiring view to make you wake up wanting to lust, love, live!


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