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i can very well sit and stare at the ceiling for a period long enough to incite panic that i am wasting time. however, it’s in these moments that i am filtering through my many thoughts, allowing myself a pause to action, allocate and archive. when this is clear, i am then free to indulge in fantasy… for the most part this will be dreaming up interiors that for the present i can only wish for. i do this all the time but rarely capture the mists for future reference (the pensieve from harry potter would be useful). i suppose my blogs have become a means of cataloguing these but i feel i need to dedicate a category for future features that focus on specific rooms of my home to one day be. so under the header of wishful☆thinking i hope to inspire with what makes my heart flutter. first in the series, my vision for the perfect kitchen…

sleek architecture, barn proportions, raw and rustic finishes

mix of aged, ethnic, contemporary & classic

considered but not compromised

fresh, functional & fun (with a little frisky…)

well worn warmth and whimsy

a few words to live by...


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