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next step is refining and agreeing the final designs before they get passed on to the contractor to implement. many conversations occur with the client and contractor prior to the final sign off, and often the first proposal is rejected. the challenge is to create an achievable design from a construction point of view, an economic solution from the client’s point of view as well as an aesthetically pleasing result from a design point of view. here are 2 room case studies. the first is the hallway showing the process involving a major structural change. the second is the lounge feature fireplace which underwent a dramatic transformation

one: hallway – before

preliminary sketch – focus on opening the space

significant structural change was moving the staircase as it used to bear into the middle of the entrance

new position

completed – bright and spacious

two: lounge feature fireplace – before

new design inspired by arts & crafts house

primary elevation – inspired by above

final design – contemporary limestone fireplace


the following post will showcase the most successful room in the refurbishment… and might i add the one room that remained to my specification from start to finish. i often wish more clients would wholly trust their designers. perhaps we too often compromise on our designs to please the payee, which often waters down the original design and results in a less complete scheme and doesn’t deliver what was originally promised.


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