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i had the privilege of working solo on an incredible refurbishment over 5 years ago. consequently this was the project that led to the creation of envie interiors. the pix from the project are on the facebook page and i will be updating this with the working images that show how we work with the client from idea to installation. the next few posts are in support of these and an opportunity for me to walk you through the conception of ideas through to delivering the design and it becoming a reality.

intro to oakcott: 1930’s detached house in a gated development originally part of a large estate in kent. client required full refurbishment of interiors and landscaping

initial visit / recce: in general you don’t get too many opportunities to visit a property before submitting your ideas therefore the initial visit and with luck a second, are where you need to gather as much information about what the client wants and for you to determine what will be possible. pictures are a must and detail of where power points/ radiators / supporting walls / plumbing etc. need to be accounted for. if no plans to scale are available swift room measurements are essential.

oakcott before – highlights /or low…

entrance hallway {before}

living {before}

family room {before}

family bathroom {before}

delivering initial ideas: clients require different levels of imagery, for some a whole room sketch, others are content with mood boards. as this project firstly required interior reconfiguration the decorating schemes came much later. therefore my first ideas were presented in sketch form. note these are all b&w – it takes far more time (and fee) to render a scheme (colour in). also as we were not at decorating stage as yet it left us a blank canvas to work from. the clients primary requirements were to create a contemporary, comfortable and above all child friendly home. storage was essential. an open plan feel was to be created whilst still having the possibility of closing rooms off without losing light. several existing pieces of furniture were also to be worked into the scheme.



family room

utility room

powder room

master bedroom - walk in wardrobe

master bathroom

family bathroom

in the next post i will show how we further developed the initial sketches and the house in progress.


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