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i feel most at peace in rooms that are almost bare and where the dominant palette is nude. it is where i feel i can breathe and i am not distracted visually, which is important whilst i design for other spaces. as i grow older and as i have been recently told, not wiser…, i have begun to strip myself back, emotionally and physically. i allow myself to be content with what i was given at birth such as my natural hair colour and curls, all the quirks that make me who I am. emotionally i learn that less is more and the secret to overcoming suffering is accepting. these simple, yet challenging, mind sets can also be applied to creating a soothing interior – less clutter will make way for space and air around more beloved treasures. accepting and embracing quirks will allow for individuality, so though a space might seem to be sparse it is actually filled with many textures and tones, light and shadow, subtly sowing stories


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