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these three words each have a very distinct identity and in my design i aim to extract the essence of all three to create effortless interiors with depth, layers, stories. i love the top note of nonchalance that all the terms portray, mixed in with the carefree attitude of beach life, the bohemian disregard for convention, reigned in by the respect for timeless, high end quality, reminiscent of a bourgeois demeanour

with experience of varied lifestyles due to a culturally mixed upbringing, i instinctively pull on these experiences when designing, resulting in interiors that are emotionally considered, it always has to ‘feel’ right. a good eye and great taste complete the process!

having defined the emotional aesthetic what can you expect to ‘see’ in an envie scheme... the overall palette will often be subdued (faded greys, blues, nudes and white) layered with accents and backdrops either to embed or highlight the neighbouring colour. these will often be bolder and create contrast

texture is essential especially when the colour scheme might veer on monotone. patterns provide the script and often i will choose an ethnic typeface. there will always be elements of classic design styles because there is a reason these are deemed as timeless and the end result will benefit from longevity

this post can be perceived as a mood board to envie interiors. the following pix are details rather than whole rooms in which i hope you can visualise my aestehtic. rather than limit you to a finished product, the boards below are examples of schemes that i could produce and implement into your existing interiors. if they seduce you, lets talk!

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