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overused but still a much loved noun masking objects in risk and romance, often becoming desirable just for the prefix. vintage defined has its origins in grape gathering and wine making where a ‘good vintage’ still represents a high quality harvest, thus the association with something of exception and of class. today we drop it before clothing and furniture to enhance the allure of an item that has seen the hands of time, but is never as old as an antique because that is just not trendy! vintage evokes a slither of naughty but yet still innocent because it is often raw and untouched, bearing all it’s scars; unlike antiques that reek preserved, staid, sacrifice. vintage is warm and tactile, there is no fear in using or wearing, as we are adding our own stories to the content of the peeling layers. one shouldn’t own vintage but enjoy its company before it, or we, move on… with this in mind i remind myself that great vintage acquisitions should be a challenge and must be worth more than the pennies paid, or be gratefully inherited. the following are some of my current vintage and i love them dearly though am not the keeper of all bar some wishful thinking…

vintage frame fun with dear friends


rolled up rugs

1920's portobello pinky ring

vintage fabric frame mirror

if am ever that lucky 'merc'

something to eventually hand down as a vintage treasure


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