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i grew up in houses where barn doors opened onto views of the caribbean sea and glass fronted facades of french windows pixelated 180 degree views of rolling french countryside. for this reason cathedral inspired space is my ideal property requirement - and from my last blog post you recollect that this is not my current situation. when i moved to the UK some 17yrs ago it took a while just to get my head around the semi-detached concept and i won’t even start on studios!! but one adapts and appreciates ‘cosy, intimate and snug’ as equally fulfilling. i still lust for large open rooms and below i share images from designer Rose Uniacke’s London home, refurbished with scale and space at the forefront of the restoration. finished with a modern classicism to not detract from the bones and breadth of the home, i truly would love to tread those floorboards, barefooted…

see more images of her pimlico house at


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