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downgrading seems to have become my norm in the last 2 years. it is first and foremost humbling and one heck of a reality check but also liberating. due to a break up, less space and the realisation that most material ‘things’ are unnecessary; i can now fit my 'life’ into a very small space. am i content? not really, as an interior designer i dislike living in such restricted room, however i believe that creativity is often born of necessity and we can create beauty with whatever is to hand. as such i have become really rather good at making small spaces functional, comforting, entertaining, delightful. all elements have to be considered, must have a purpose, be practical, and if on display be gorgeous! now… finding images to illustrate this post has not been evident, nothing quite felt true, but the following just kept making me smile and have now made my christmas lust list as they cover all of the above - functional, comforting, entertaining, delightful, have a purpose, practical and just gorgeous!


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