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following on from my musing of perhaps one day returning to live in paris; i have been daydreaming of my future appartement and remembering why it is that a parisian apartment fills me with lust and longing! without a doubt it is the most romantic of city dwellings with its central courtyards bouncing secrets amidst its’ walls of windows, to then be hushed by the soft drapery collecting the whispers and maintaining the discretion the french are famed for. for me it is very much the grand architecture, in both the sense of scale and stature, that delights along with 3 classic features, the french window, panelled walls and worn wood parquet floors. in remaining true to my love of pure interiors i have gathered just a few of my desired parisian spaces in the hopes of maybe spinning a thread towards it becoming a reality….

(photos courtesy of a fav blog The Paris Apartment and other anonymous finds)

must buy...

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