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ethnic pattern always catches my eye and is consistently present within my design. a recent trip to the middle eastern island of bahrain further instilled this love of islamic graphic detail, engraved in many guises throughout this small arab kingdom. i was especially enchanted by the bahraini commitment to marry their ancient culture with the fast growing modern facelift the island is undergoing, poignantly captured in the cover title of the recent bahrain museum guide 'A Pioneer Cultural Institution'. this describes their general plan for the kingdom's growth with a focus on tradition {artistically speaking} to be at the forefront of their ambition as opposed to the saccharine extravagance of some other arabian destinations . on my return, freshly inspired, i scoured pinterest and created a new board which i hope will be a source i am soon to refer to more frequently! for the time being here are a few highlights from my trip and some stimulating pins...

Bahrain National Museum Lobby

Bahrain National Theatre

exterior envy ǀ Bahrain National Museum

contemporary lines ǀ Islamic script

sophisticated interplay of modernity and tradition in our hotel room

decorative subtlety

pinterest highlights


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