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you may have noticed my penchant for the oriental accessory particularly of the vase sort... perhaps... if not let me bestow upon you my adoration for these oriental vessels and the exotic flutter they bring to my soul

chinoiserie, a french born, long standing decorative aesthetic remains today a well-loved style usually for the well-heeled wanting to make a poised statement of whimsicality. i did some very lazy research on how the term is described and was delighted by this {yes obvious source} wikipedia entry which in some way is in direct opposition to the modern appeal, but resonates with my interpretation of it

Some members of society saw the style as "…a retreat from reason and taste and a descent into a morally ambiguous world based on hedonism, sensation and values perceived to be feminine." It was viewed as lacking the logic and reason upon which Antique art had been founded. Architect and author Robert Morris claimed that it "…consisted of mere whims and chimera, without rules or order, it requires no fertility of genius to put into execution."

i adore the idea that it was sensational in its 'lack of logic and reason' paving the way for countless endeavours of this very execution of art to the present day

it is precisely this notion that i look to add within my interiors, that moment which is frivolous, decadent, unexpected but still beautiful. chinoiserie whether by way of intricate hand painted vases, swathes of sumptuous wallpaper or its quiet little 'sister simplicity' in the form of wabi sabi and japanese restraint are evocative and adaptable

i feel there are 2 options when looking to embrace this aesthetic. either with an all encompassing and passionate surrender to its maximalist qualities or as that quiet, delicate but intricate undergarment you can just see beneath a reserved ensemble

see below a handful of my fav images, for more pop over to my pinterest page and browse the 'oriental vessel' and 'the orient' galleries

if you fancy adding an oriental vessel to your interior visit envie interiors on ebay to browse my current collection of vases or if you feel more daring and want to explore creating a chinoiserie inspired interior visit the website and send me a message... am sure being a little more hedonistic was one of your resolutions this year!

de gournay decadence

hand painted chinoiserie by Frederick Wimsett - amazing talent and someone i have had the pleasure to meet, lovely guy commissioned by the likes of fashion designer Alice Temperley and Kate Moss!

{all images above are via pinterest. should you wish these to be removed or credited please contact me directly}

still available for your hedonistic splurge plus 10% OFF if you message me via ebay with the subject 'ORIENTAL VESSEL'

vintage cast iron jardiniere with raised bird motifs

{not currently online - contact me directly}


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