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a project is a team effort and if all the parties are not on the same page the majority of the time (as there is always differences of opinion to be met and work through) then achieving the desired end result can be a tough and unpleasant journey for all. as the designer you are the middleman, between contractor and client, and you need to appease both of them. i was certainly very fortunate on this project to have both a client and contractor who were easy to reason and communicate with. together we completed with all parties satisfied that the project was a success and the client thrilled to move into their new home.

so in this final post of the series i would like to take this opp to thank those who were involved in the process, all the way through to the mad day we spent dressing and photographing the project. i must admit that i never feel it was 100% completed as we swiftly ran out of a decorating budget – the fun bit :( but the success was in the overall transformation and revival of a lovely property.

i highly recommend Paul & Barry Weston our contractors at design to build. paul was my day to day contact and project manager, always incredibly patient with my requests. nothing was ever deemed impossible and he always worked to find a solution to ensure the design was achievable, as long as i had chocolate hobknobs at the ready…

i was very lucky in being recommended Sandy Ko, a photographer whom i could quickly entrust to capture the rooms and details with the least amount of direction necessary. it certainly made for a productive day as i could set a room up, explain what i wanted to capture, then leave sandy to it whilst i moved on to the following room. when time is short and you are working in someone’s home you need an efficient team around you. sandy and her husband were a great partnership on the day and i thoroughly enjoyed working with them both. what attracted me to sandy’s work is that she has a beautiful way of capturing light in all its measures and i wanted some strong variations and blends of soft yet graphic, which she delivered! a few of my favourite detail shots below…


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