To be formally recognised as an artist was never on pascale's agenda and still sits more in her hobby field than career. However, her life has never been without some outlet of creativity. Born and raised in the Caribbean within a ‘bon vivant’ French circle, pascale indulged in the nonchalance and bohemia of beach life whilst being exposed to the fervour of bourgeois living. Her younger years revealed a consistently high interest in fine art which led to her sitting art exams in advance of her year group. Her studies continued in Europe with art still remaining the strong focus but never the goal. From boarding school to a London University, head-led interests took over and the first foot on the career ladder was to deny the forthcoming years of any serious art work.

Today, pascale works as an Interior Designer but has ignited a reconnection with her artist past and is in the process of developing a series of new collections:


SANDS is a collective of Island geographical profiles. A beloved homage to her tropical upbringing and tribute to her late grandmother, a caretaker of the hotel bearing the same name. Translucent aqua water laps the gilded shores rising up amidst pastel neon skies, all reminiscent of those hot, heady, carefree holidays


DRIPLETS is an abstract experience of the linear qualities that develop from the running droplets of paint and water on canvas. The canvas is loosely divided into linear sections, some are left to the haphazard nature of the drops, in others moments are restrained and contained in bands of colour. Signature gold leaf features prominently,  lending these pieces to the decorative market


NUDES continues a lifelong passion for still life painting and is a constant exploration of depicting the human form with painterly expression




For prices of the canvas pieces featured and commissions of either a canvas or watercolour please contact pascale directly at